Jolande Vermeulen was born in 1956, Rotterdam.
She was working in primaryschool for 30 years, in 2002 she went to artschool in Utrecht. She finished it in June 2007. About her work:

I am fascinated by modern urban environments, architecture and industrial constructions. I start taking pictures searching for images with a strong composition and a special point of view. Recently, I leave out most of the structures and colors, and concentrate on the composition.  The collages I create consist of paper and unusual materials such as plastic, tape and cellophane.  While working, aspects such as transparency and shininess become more and more important. Essential are of course the shapes which I cut. This results in images which are autonomous, they show my personal and specific view.     Since april 2010 Jolande is a member of Pictura, the artist society in Dordrecht